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We want your feedback

목 23 5월 2024

뉴스 / We want your feedback

At the start of this year, the Open Charge Alliance aired a completey new website. Since then we are gathering feedback and we are tweaking and changing parts and pages to optimize the experience for all users. On this website you can find all relevant information regarding the Open ChargePoint Protocol (OCPP) and you can download the specifications and whitepapers.

In May we have reached 10.000 downloads of the OCPP 1.6 specifications and the number of OCPP 2.0.1 downloads has far exceeded the 10.000 on our new website (Since January 22!).

The Open Charge Alliance is very happy that all these people find the information they need, but optimizing the website will be a constant process and for that we need your help!

Please fill in the feedback form linked below so we can adjust the website to your wishes and needs.