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Test Tool (OCTT)

Test Tool (OCTT)


OCTT is the Compliance Test tool for OCPP implementers to test their devices on protocol conformity. With this tool you can test your OCPP 2.0.1 and OCPP 1.6 implementation and check if you have implemented the OCPP specification correctly.

OCTT is our platform for testing OCPP implementations of a Charging Station Management System (CSMS), a Charging Station (CS) or a Charging Station Software Stack (CSSS). While the focus when developing OCTT has been to support OCPP version 2.0.1, this is being currently extended to support OCPP 1.6 and will support future OCPP versions as well.

OCTT is a cloud-based solution hosted by The Open Charge Alliance and is available as a subscription service with a sleek (web-based) interface to make it as easy as possible to test OCPP implementations for your organization’s internal use. The key features of OCTT are:

    • User-friendly web-based user interface to run OCPP conformance tests
    • Hosted solution with updates included, no need to worry about installations or upgrades
    • Extensive configuration options and functionality to define multiple configurations profiles
    • Online Testcase documentation with links to the included OCPP specification
    • Real-time detailed insight in the test case execution with clear error messages
    • Detailed logging and insight in the testcase execution and result (including all messages)

OCTT currently contains a set of test cases for the OCPP 2.0.1 Core and Advanced Security certification profiles and a subset of the test cases for the other OCPP certification profiles. We are still extending the coverage of OCTT with:

    • Additional testcases and coverage for the other OCPP 2.0.1 certification profiles (e.g. ISO15118)
    • APIs to automatically execute testcases for integration in CI/CD and test automation
    • Coverage for OCPP 1.6 (J)

OCPP Compliance Testing Tool can be used to test predefined testcases **) to test the conformance to the guidelines specified in the OCPP specification and includes  the documentation of these testcases. The tool can test the OCPP compliance of both a CS/CSSS and CSMS. When testing a CS/CSSS, OCTT will act as a CSMS and vice versa.

**) Please note that OCTT is capable of executing predefined scenario’s only, it is NOT a CS/CSSS or CSMS simulator.

OCTT pricing

Using the tool requires the one-time purchase of a license for the OCPP 2.0.1 testcase set and / or the OCPP 1.6 testcase set, plus an active yearly subscription. OCTT is available for both non-OCA members and OCA members. Members of the Open Charge Alliance can purchase OCTT at a discounted price*.

As part of your subscription, you receive guaranteed updates and will have access to all future updates and supplements for both OCTT and the applicable testcase set(s).

* Not applicable to OCA liasion participants

OCPP 1.6
Testcase set
€6.000,- (One-time fee) €15.000,- (One-time fee) - You can purchase the OCPP 1.6 test case set to test for OCPP 1.6 conformance.
OCPP 2.0.1
Testcase set
€3.000,- (One-time fee) €15.000,- (One-time fee) - You can purchase the OCPP 2.0.1 test case set to test for OCPP 2.0.1 conformance.
Instance (s) €2.000,- per instance (One-time fee) €4.000,- per instance (One-time fee) - You must purchase 1 or more instances to use OCTT
- An instance is a single copy of the OCTT software hosted by the Open Charge Alliance. Each instance can test a single Charging Station or Management System at a time.
Annual subscription fee per instance €1.800,-
- Per instance you will pay an annual fee for running costs and maintenance.
- This fee is pro rata (based on the remaining months till the end of the calendar year).

If you are interested in acquiring OCTT, please fill in the Testtool Request form in the link below. You have to fill in the OCTT SaaS agreement including the order form to specify your organization’s needs.