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ATE Annual meeting

Thu 14 Mar 2024

News / ATE Annual meeting

The annual meeting of the Alliance for Transportation Electrification, a coalition focusing on electric transportation in America, brings together key stakeholders including grid operators, automakers, charging station manufacturers, CSMS developers, and hardware producers. At this years gathering on March 7 & 8th in Washington DC, attendees discussed the current state, challenges, innovations, and emerging trends in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape.

Lonneke Driessen of the OCA participated in multiple panels during the event, primarily focusing on the status of open standards, particularly OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol). In one panel, she joined representatives from the joint office, Ford Motor Company, and EV Connect to explore the value of OCPP for enhancing interoperability within the EV ecosystem. Additionally, she delivered a presentation providing updates on OCA (Open Charge Alliance) and OCPP within the technical committee.

Throughout the first day, attendees were treated to insightful presentations and panel discussions covering topics such as megawatt chargers by Charin, perspectives from the joint office, V2X integration with school buses, and the SAE J3400 connector.

On the second day, plenary sessions were held, during which Lonneke participated in a panel discussion emphasizing how standards contribute to industry advancement. Specifically, the conversation highlighted how the implementation of minimal required error codes can facilitate the establishment of a stable, predictable, and transparent EV ecosystem.