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January 9th 2024: Webinar OCPP & AFIR

Wed 13 Dec 2023

News / January 9th 2024: Webinar OCPP & AFIR

To help the industry prepare for Alternative Fuel Infrastructure and Regulation (AFIR) in 2024, the Open Charge Alliance is teaming up with AVERE for a webinar on AFIR & OCPP. Several speakers will explain what AFIR is, why it is important and how OCPP can help the industry to comply with AFIR.

Caroline Nagtegaal – Member European Parliament and AFIR Shadow Rapporteur – will inform us on AFIR and its importance for the European outlook on climate change and the transition towards sustainable energy. Raphael Heliot – Policy Officer at AVERE will give his vision on the meaning of AFIR for the EV Charging Industry. OCA’s Technical Editor Franc Buve will explain the role of OCPP within the AFIR and how it is used to comply to the regulations.