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OCA at the India Smart Energy Week

Thu 22 Feb 2024

News / OCA at the India Smart Energy Week

The Open Charge Alliance is already getting excited for the upcoming India Smart Utility Week (ISUW)! During the first day of this event (March 12th) the OCA will host a special workshop and training on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

The OCA will provide an update regarding OCPP2.lite and of course the general update (European regulation, US regulation, bidirectional charging, certification, tool, IEC adoption etc). The OCA will be joined by people of Ather Energy who will give some insights into OCPP and Light Electric Vehicles (LEV). GM Fellow Rish Ghatikar will give an overview of the US perspective and the OEM perspective.

The OCPP has emerged as the industry’s de-facto standard for communication between a charging station and a charging station management system. It is designed to accommodate any type of charging functions and is developed to standardize the communications between an EV charge point and a central system used to operate and manage charge points.

The communication standard is open and freely available to switch from the charging network without necessarily replacing all the charging stations. OCPP 2.0.1 includes support for ISO/IEC 15118 for communications with EVs. The next version of OCPP is designed to include bi-directional capabilities such as V2G and V2H.

More information about the India Smart Utility week and the workshops can be found on the website below.