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Open Webinar: OCPP on fast track to IEC international standard

Mon 15 Jul 2024

News / Open Webinar: OCPP on fast track to IEC international standard

On Friday June 7th, the IEC has started the Fast Track procedure for OCPP to become an IEC International Standard. Over the past few months IEC and OCA have been drafting a joint way forward that adheres to IEC standard procedures, addresses the points raised by IEC experts about their inclusion in OCPPs future development and stays true to OCA’s principles of expedited development and the IPR and license free nature of OCPP.

In this webinar Lonneke Driessen will present this upcoming procedure and will answer questions from attendees.

The joint proposal states that IEC will adopt OCPP2.0.1ed3 ‘as-is’ as an International Standard. OCA will continue to maintain and further develop OCPP and submit all future versions for ‘as-is’ approval to IEC using the same Fast Track procedure. Moreover, IEC Experts can join the OCA working groups as OCA/IEC Liaison participants, OCPP draft documentation will be shared with interested IEC Technical Committees and IEC Technical Committees can provide feedback.

On June 7th, the IEC TC69 and TC57 Technical Officer has distributed the proposal and the OCPP2.0.1ed3 specification to all National Committees active in TC69 (the committees that will be voting) and TC57 (for information). Afterwards, on July 26th the voting period will start, which will end on October 11th. Should the outcome of the voting be positive, a maximum of 8 weeks could be used by IEC to publish (November or December). The anticipated IEC number for OCPP is IEC 63584.