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Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE)

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Av. Juan de la Cierva, 24, 46980 Paterna (Valencia), Spain

Participants / Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE)

ITE has more than 30 years of experience, which makes us an international benchmark in the development of technological solutions that enable companies to move towards an energetically sustainable world. We want to help in the energy transition process to enable decarbonization and the efficient use of new renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Cert. number OCPP Version Product type Product designation Certificate type Software version Date of registration
OCA.0016.0013.CSMS OCPP 1.6 Charging Station Management System HySGrid Full OCPPJ 1.6 Server   v1.0.0 June 28th 2021
OCA.0201.0004.CSMS OCPP 2.0.1 Charging Station Management System HysGrid+ OCPPJ 2.0.1 Server Core & Advanced Security November 13th 2023
OCA.0016.0166.CS OCPP 1.6 Charging Station CS Hysgrid+ Full 1.0.0 July 5th 2022