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202 Pilot Production Bldg, 12 Gaebeol-ro 12 Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Participants / ManageOn
Cert. number OCPP Version Product type Product designation Certificate type Software version Date of registration
OCA.0016.0387.CS OCPP 1.6 Charging Station MACC7K Subset 1.0.1 June 2nd 2023
OCA.0016.0388.CS OCPP 1.6 Charging Station MACC14K Subset 1.0.1 June 2nd 2023
OCA.0016.0066.CSMS OCPP 1.6 Charging Station Management System MON-CSMS-V10 Full v1.0 March 11th 2022
OCA.0016.0152.CS OCPP 1.6 Charging Station (Mode 1/2-only) MeCONIII Subset 101 May 25th 2022
OCA.0016.0045.CS OCPP 1.6 Charging Station OctoFLEX (OTM-K) Subset 1.0.1 January 28th 2022
OCA.0201.0021.CSMS OCPP 2.0.1 Charging Station Management System EVFLEX Core & Advanced Security 1.0.0 April 15th 2024